Florence's Gougères with comté cheese

Florence's Gougères with comté cheese

Ingredients: (for about 30 gougères ) - 250ml of water - 100g of astra/margarine( no butter ) - 150g of flour - 3 large eggs - 100g of Comté cheese - Salt and pepper

Accords mets/vins

Preparation: - In a saucepan combine the water with the salt, the pepper and the margarine/astra. -Put the flour directly in the saucepan when margarine/astra is melted with the water. -Reduce the temperature of the hob , and mix 2 minutes to dry the dough by mixing vigorously. -Put the saucepan out of the hob, add the eggs one by one and continue to mix. -The dough should be firm and not runny . -Grate the Comté cheese and add it to the dough. - Put a coffee spoon of dough on a baking tray to make each gougère. -Bake for about 15 minutes at 200 ° C . -Serve warm , and enjoy your meal !

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